Κυριακή, 10 Ιουλίου 2016

Unique Villa in Paros for Rent. This Summer will be awsome!

This gorgeous villa is located in Agairia, only 2 km away from the calm southern beaches and the picturesque fish harbor of Alyki.

 Here, you can enjoy breathtaking sunset view. There is a private pool and you will experience unforgettable moments of joy!

The villa is furnished and decorated in an authentic Aegean style.

All the furniture are unique and handmade. 

There is also a spacious living room where an extra sofa/bed can be added if needed. The traditionally made kitchen is separable from the living

Living in this house is like diving in the history of the Aegean islands. There are 2 bedrooms with direct access to the enormous verandas. One is equipped with a traditional iron made double bed and the other with 2 built single beds.

Fully equipped kitchen and bathrooms will make your holidays easy.
Outdoor barbecue as well as traditional wood oven will be at your disposal
in case you want to cook your dinner, the way our grand-grandfathers did.
Greek cuisine cooking lessons can be arranged with my wife, Maria,a really
great cook.

  There is also a large garden with some olive trees, local plants and a lot of rosebushes. You are more than welcome to use and enjoy the garden,even to cut some roses for your vase. On top of that, the joy of using the private pool will fulfill your need for unforgettable vacations. The house has an excellent view to the west and south horizon and some islands can be observed such as Antiparos Folegandros and Sikinos.

The house is suitable for 5 persons and costs 200€ per night. It is an excellent deal for an exquisite summer.

                       For more information, contact me at

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